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This Charleston style estate is located on a private island with spectacular views of the Cape Fear River. The approach to River Island is across a beautiful wooden covered bridge where the wildlife is flourishing with Snowy White Egret, Blue Heron and other wild birds, ducks and an occasional alligator. A warm welcome is given by the addition of gas lanterns that were added by the driveway entrance and the front courtyard entrance during the recent landscape refurbishment designed by Tracy McCullen.

The unique driveway design with a textured seashell border was installed with precision by artisan Gardner Welty and his son Michael Welty. The new courtyard wall of brick (soon to be covered with Climbing Fig) and wrought iron gate flanked by gas lanterns has created a dramatic entrance that is invites you on a journey all the way to the front door.

Through the house and out the back door is where you will find the breathtaking views of the wildlife on the river and occasionally in the distance you will see large Freight Liners heading up to the port of Wilmington. The waterside garden is mostly natural with meadows of Zoysia and Oaks covered in Spanish moss. Near the edge of the water are large wooden chairs surrounding a fire pit which is often used for ambience by the family even in the summertime, where the living is easy.


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